Small projects, created with the intention to learn new skills and software.

Character modelling – Jinja

A character I sculpted in zbrush from a concept by Justine King.

Lighting exercise

I created the layout, lighting and rendered this project. The goal was to test how quickly I could do the following, to challenge my perfectionism. I managed to complete this project in 2 days.

Eye study

Here is a study I created of an eyeball.

Planes of the face

I was finding learning the fundamentals of sculpting in Zbrush challenging so I decided to break out the polymer clay and work traditionally! I felt it helped me break through some of the road blocks I was facing in the software.

Rugged chair

I modelled, textured and rendered this chair. This project was initially a challenge to practise Zbrush, however, I found that there weren’t enough elements to sculpt and utilise Zbrush’s strengths. Instead I used Maya to model the chair.

Sketchfab link: https://skfb.ly/oGULD